Midnight Approved

F This Movie! - My favorite movie podcast and blog is also home to over 200 written pieces that I've contributed over the years. The brainchild of Chicago critic Patrick Bromley, F This Movie is a regular online hangout for a welcoming and unpretentious group of people who just really love movies and love to talk about them.

Comic Book Savant - James H. Harris III has been podcasting (and now vlogging) about comic books and pop culture for over a decade. His low-key style and vast knowledge of comics, video games, and movies definitely make his site worth your time.

Retroblasting - Michael French and Melinda Mock take retro-culture analysis to the next level. I've been a fan of theirs for years, and I appreciate the critical, in-depth work that they do with old toy properties, Saturday morning cartoons, and all the stuff that geeks love. This is not just "Hey, rember Ghostbusters?" They pull no punches and aren't afraid to criticize the shortcomings of their subjects, but they are some of the most passionate people ever when it comes to retro-culture appreciation. Check out their YouTube channel!

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