Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Mego: What Happened at The Hollywood Show? (The Parrington Tapes)

Joe Parrington has been the Celebrity / Media Outreach and Special Events Coordinator for Mego for the past six months, but has now stepped away from that role and has a few things that he'd like to share with the Mego fan community. In this candid interview, Mr. Parrington shares his account of the events leading up to the Mego Hall of Fame Awards that were to be held at The Hollywood Show in Los Angeles California, February 2019.  He also offers a peek inside the culture that exists behind the scenes at the leadership level of the seventies toy giant.

Mr. Parrington has asked me to include the following photo with this description:

"While Nichelle Nichols was waiting in an emtpy theater, while fans were waiting in line for a ceremony that wasn't going to happen, Joel Rosenzweig and Marty Abrams were downstairs posing with Barbara Eden."

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